In-Person Chair Yoga Class by Jill Wondel

In-Person Chair Yoga Class

Find peace in your mind, body and soul through this gentle yoga practice. We will utilize chairs and other props to help you find the perfect yoga poses for you.


Where can I find a schedule of classes?

Classes are held Thursday mornings at 9am. Check out my class calendar for an updated list of classes.

How much do the classes cost?

Classes are free, with an option to make a donation. If you'd like to donate, just drop it in the donation box when you sign in.

What should I bring?

Just wear comfy clothes - everything else is provided. These classes are practiced mostly seated in a chair, or standing with the chair for support, so no yoga mat necessary.

How do I find you?

Classes are held in the Fellowship Hall at First UMC, Sikeston, 1307 N. Main Street. We usually enter the building on the west side, nearest to the fellowship hall. The door is right by the staff parking, and you should see my little red car across the driveway.